I need to write.

I can’t find happiness anywhere anymore. 

I feel like such a downer, all the time. I hate everything. I can’t do anything for 15 minutes or longer without getting frustrated.

I used to love driving. Now I hate it. I bought myself a car that I’ve always wanted, I drove it once this weekend. I’m not going to drive to work tomorrow either. I’m taking the train. 

I blow off my friends constantly. For some reason I’d rather sit at home and sleep lately. I keep pushing people away. 

I can’t work on my other Mustang anymore. I get frustrated too easily. So many people talked shit about it. Everyone thinks I’m dumb for spending so much time and money on it. Or when I have an idea that I like, and it’s something thats possible for that car, everyone says it’ stupid and i need to do something else with it. So basically, I get to my shop, and just look at it, and I instantly get mad. I’m starting to regret buying that car. 

I used to like my job. Now I hate it, and dread going to work in the morning. 

I just hate everything.